Water Cooler Chats

The Evanston Chamber’s “Water Cooler” video chat series is one way we are checking in with members and the business community. As the program evolves, we are working on sharing stories of more the businesses in Evanston regularly.

In this featured episode, Sara Jane Abbott, Director of Marketing for the Evanston Chamber of Commerce, interviewed Femke Munting, President of the non-profit, LEND. At this time she’s in Amsterdam with her family, but she spends her days focused on helping businesses, fundraising, and keeping LEND growing. LEND stands for Lending for Evanston and Northwestern Development and it is a student-run, microfinance organization that empowers entrepreneurs in Evanston to build businesses, create jobs, and reach financial self-sufficiency. Femke notes that they still have money to lend and provide 0% loans with flexible repayment plans for micro loans up to $5K.

LEND COVID-19 Support Program

DO YOU NEED FUNDS? These funds are available to all! Apply here:
LEND COVID-19 Support Program Application

Do you want to help them raise money? Donate and share:
Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund Fundraising

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