The Evanston Chamber Board Needs You!

It’s time for our 2021 Board of Director Nominations.

The Evanston Chamber is now accepting nominations for the board. You can nominate another Chamber member or nominate yourself.

As we wind down 2020, it is time to think ahead to 2021 and what you, as an Evanston Chamber member, want to see from your elected Board of Directors.

Your Chamber needs your participation to make positive change for our Evanston business community as a whole. We welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Review our currently seated Evanston Chamber Board members. If you don’t know them, give them a call and see what their vision is for the Chamber in 2021 and beyond. We need to nominate members to fill our three open 2021 Board seats.

Download the application to Nominate New Board Members (PDF). Deadline for submissions is November 20, 2020, and applications should be sent to

Immediate Past President Angela Valavanis and President Paul Fischl, D.D.S.

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