Happy Holidays

2020 #PledgeEvanston Form Pledge Local Form

Here in Evanston, we are passionate and supportive of our community and Spending the Holidays with Purpose for the 2020 season, making a mindful effort to buy local now more than ever before. This holiday season we ask each of you to take this pledge with us!  #PledgeEvanston and Shop with Purpose. Dine with Purpose. Celebrate with Purpose. Service with Purpose. Wellness with Purpose. 

If you want Evanston to be your favorite small town and for the businesses to survive past the holiday season, now is the time to act.

Sign the pledge form below:

    Evanston Chamber of Commerce will try to highlight the individuals behind your favorite businesses this holiday season. By sharing each of their stories, on how they make shopping, dining, celebrating, servicing, and wellness options accessible to you. Whether you choose to safely visit Evanston in person or engage with its businesses online this holiday season. Join us in keeping Evanston everlasting, independent and thriving well past the COVID-19 era.