Greening Your Business Workshop

In Spring 2020, the Evanston Chamber presented a session on “Greening Your Business” led by local environmental business Collective Resource Compost. Resources from that event are provided to all below.

Citizen’s Greener Evanston

“We would appreciate anyone’s joining, which costs nothing, and gives you regular updates in the form of a great newsletter put together by Chuck Wasserberg, and access to many resources in all the areas of sustainability that I mentioned.  We are also hiring our first staff person, and would like to raise money to pay them!  So donations are also appreciated.  If you have difficulty making changes to your every day life routine to reduce greenhouse gases, perhaps you can support CGE which is working on very large reductions on your behalf.”

Community Solar for Wilmette and Beyond

“Thank you for your interest in Community Solar and the Clearway Program. If you would like to attend a webinar and haven’t done so already, check out our Community Solar website for upcoming webinars you can sign up for and to find recordings of recent webinars. There is also a FAQ page. Friday mornings, we hold Q&A sessions at 10:00 am using Zoom, where you can ask us any lingering questions. Please sign up beforehand if you can here.”

Clearway Community Solar

“When you feel ready to sign up with Clearway, you can do that here and use the promo code “Trajectory”. Please avoid clicking on the “Cancel 4 Free” promo code. Anyone who uses the Trajectory promo code will automatically receive a waiver from any cancellation fees if you sign up between now and August 1 (or check their website to find out if other promos are available). On the beginning page, click on “Join Now” and then scroll down to the box labeled “Secure My Place Online”. You can click on that and proceed on your own, or you can choose the box to the right to have a Clearway specialist walk you through the contract and answer any questions you might have.”

Collective Resource Compost

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