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I Am a Professional. Why Do I Need the Chamber’s Help?

Can you think of any professional person who prospered alone? It takes a parent, a mentor, a teacher, a client or customer to give you opportunities. It takes a community. It takes relationships. New businesses that you meet, new content that is shared, new ideas that are exchanged — these can all spark greater success. Don’t box yourself in. Don’t limit your opportunities.

Why Join a Chamber?

How Can I See Firsthand What the Chamber Can Offer Me?

Prospective members are welcome to attend most of the events the Chamber offers, and registration for all of them is available online. Popular monthly events are listed on the Chamber’s home page and provide great opportunities to get a taste of the valuable networking and exchange that take place.

I’ve Decided to Join, What Do I Do Next?

First of all, congratulations. The next step is to complete and submit an application, either the online or printed version. Staff are also happy to walk you through the process by phone at 847.328.1500.

What If My Employees Also Want to Become Active in the Chamber?

When a company joins, benefits are extended to every employee of that company. We encourage all company and organization employees to participate. As a result, employees are more informed and happier, and their participation helps build greater awareness of the company.

What Are the Membership Dues?

Chamber members are businesses not individuals. Membership dues are based on the total number of full-time employees in a business, not just those who expect to participate. Refer to the Evanston Chamber Members Benefits & Application for the dues schedule. Dues are billed annually, currently either in January or July, depending on when a business joins.

We Pay Taxes, Why Should I Join the Chamber?

The Chamber is not part of any government entity, but does work closely with several. The Chamber serves as an advocate for members and is able to do so effectively because of its connections with state, regional and civic leaders. The Chamber is an independent, nonprofit, 501c6 organization, that is funded primarily by the dues paid by its members on an annual basis. Chamber dues are tax deductible as a business expense.

Isn’t the Chamber Only for Large Businesses?

No, most businesses in Evanston are small, with less than 20 employees. The makeup of Chamber membership reflects this.

Isn’t the Chamber Only for Downtown Businesses?

No, while the Chamber has many downtown businesses who are members, about 75% of members are located in other areas of the community.

Isn’t the Chamber Only for Retail Businesses?

No, while the retail sector is a critical part of our economy, and arguably the most visible sector, it represents only 20% of Chamber members. Every company and organization benefits from membership in the Evanston Chamber of Commerce.

What’s in it for Me and My Company?

Powerful connections. Increased visibility. Business intelligence. These are concise yet critical elements of the Chamber’s value proposition. Joining the chamber will provide you with opportunities to meet your peers in the business community, establish valuable relationships, build awareness of your business, exchange ideas and gain access to a host of business information to help you make smarter decisions. Become an involved member of the community in a fun and professional atmosphere, and be a part of a growing organization that offers a wealth of benefits, assistance, and savings for you and your employees.