Evanston Rising Professionals

Who We Are

Evanston Rising Professionals (ERP) is a networking group for professionals rising within and beyond their fields to share meaningful, upbeat experiences with their peers. We’re excited to foster a new space for networking in the Evanston community and focus on the power of connecting with other rising professionals who share your passions and goals.

We meet monthly in a variety of settings, from early morning coffee and breakfasts too after work drinks. We’ve set our sights high for the next year, and we’re excited that you want to join us!

Leadership Ambassadors

Woody Clark
Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty

  • What I Do: Real estate broker
  • What I Love: Cars and horsepower
  • Superpower: Telekinesis (I’m not lazy enough already…)

Laura Scherb

Hagerty Consulting, Inc.

  • What I Do: Help communities prepare for and recover from disasters
  • What I Love: Cooking, reading, and running
  • Superpower: Reading minds

Contact Info

Calendar of Events

  • Happy Hour events
  • Caffeinate and Create series

Join Now

Membership perks include:

  • Access to Evanston Chamber of Commerce events
  • 25% off ticketed ERP events
  • A perk for each event (e.g., free beer, free app, free plus one)
  • Official ERP membership
  • Dozens of opportunities a year to network with CEOs, presidents, and community leaders in a casual, fun networking setting.
  • Membership is $50 / year / person


Call the Chamber office at 847-328-1500 to join!