Northwestern and Evanston have been inextricably linked since their founding in the mid-nineteenth century.  Working together, we have been able to thrive, support and sustain each other.  Building on our common history and the Good Neighbor, Great University initiative since its start in 2010, the Northwestern affirms its commitment to be in partnership with the Evanston community.  Leveraging the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students and alumni, we strive to continuously make our neighborhoods stronger. The University is committed to becoming a national model for how a major research institution engages with the city in which it resides.




It takes initiative to lead a community where it wants to go. Step one is settling on the goal — and that takes a lot of what we offer: listening, synthesizing and consensus-building. We’re engaging our community, making grants, training leaders, connecting people and organizations, while we tackle challenges and explore opportunities.





Dale Bradley

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People who live in Evanston do so for a reason. They may be attracted by the schools, the university, the history, the lakefront or the lifestyle. Most often, they stay here because of a commitment to live in an ethnically and economically diverse population. The Evanston RoundTable was conceived as a way to give voice to this rich and vital community.