Evanston is a wonderful place to begin or continue a thriving business.  The City offers tremendous resources, a wealth of talent, convenient transportation, great places and spaces to locate, and a vibrant community.

With thousands of existing businesses prospering, the Evanston entrepreneurial environment is supportive and enriching.  In fact, in the article, The Pros of Planting Startups in Smaller Cities, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reporter John Tozzi listed Evanston as the best city in Illinois for startups.

Evanston has a variety of great spaces and places. From modern Class A office buildings and boutique retail spaces to manufacturing sites and laboratories, Evanston offers great options for any kind of business. The city also prides itself on adaptive reuse, which entails taking a structure that may have been forgotten or undervalued, and altering its original use to meet current and future demand. This trend accommodates new and evolving sets of tastes and desires among Evanston companies and institutions.

Guide to Starting a Business

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