Congratulations to 2021 Award Winners

The Evanston Chamber of Commerce recognizes the accomplishments and outstanding contributions of members to their business and the community. This year, winners were announced at the virtual Annual Celebration on February 5, 2021.

Businessperson of the Year

Heather Bublick and Chef D’Andre Carter

This award honors an individual who has:

  • actively participated and served as a leader in Evanston Chamber activities;
  • demonstrated how business volunteerism can better the community and the Chamber;
  • exemplified a long-term commitment to their business and community;
  • and displayed innovation and/or entrepreneurialism along with business growth.

This year’s winners are Heather Bublick and Chef D’Andre Carter, co-owners of Feast & Imbibe and Soul & Smoke.

“We started eight years ago out of our home kitchen. We actually started with two catering companies: one was Feast & Imbibe and the other was Soul & Smoke. We wanted to separate the brands because people were asking for food to go. We’ve had the Soul & Smoke food truck for about six months now and it’s been great.”

Chef D’Andre Carter

Community Leadership Person of the Year

Meleika Gardner
Meleika Gardner

Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated the ability to make Evanston a better place for its people and its institutions through:

  • personal involvement and enthusiasm in a variety of civic and/or service organizations;
  • innovation, commitment, and leadership;
  • inspiring others to become involved;
  • channeling private sector resources; efforts in improving the quality of life in the community;
  • and connecting people and organizations to create community partnerships.

This year’s winner is Meleika Gardner, Talk Show Host and Producer at Evanston Live TV.

“The reason why I do Evanston Live TV is because it’s a vehicle for service to the people of Evanston. It’s a platform where they can tell us of their celebration, of a business opening, or being appointed as a city official. It’s a platform where people can voice their concerns, their issues, whatever is going on in their life, in their community.”

Meleika Gardner

NonProfit/Public Service Person of the Year

Monique Jones
Monique Jones
(photo credit Ven Sherrod)

Acknowledges an individual who has distinguished themselves in the public and/or non-profit sectors by demonstrating innovation, commitment, and leadership; working to advance Evanston and the organization they represents; responding to opportunities with creativity and efficiency; and creating awareness for their organization and its benefits to the Evanston community.

This year’s winner is Monique Jones former President and CEO of Evanston Community Foundation (ECF).

“I’m humbled to be recognized for this honor. I accept it on behalf of the entire non-profit community. Thank you to ECF, the board, and staff. It’s my hope that we plotted a course where concrete can be poured later.”

Monique Jones

See past award winners and watch for announcements in late Fall when you can nominate members. And learn more from the Evanston Roundtable piece, “Evanston Chamber Award Winners Are a Few of the Many Who Make Evanston Proud in a Time of Crisis.”

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