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Founded in 1921, Evanston Chamber of Commerce is proud to be the voice of the Evanston business community. As a 501c6 not-for-profit business association, the Chamber provides programs, services, and leadership opportunities to help its member-businesses thrive. Through the important work of a volunteer Board of Directors and various committees, and a small staff, the Chamber provides networking opportunities, events, education, outreach, and support for Evanston businesses and organizations investing in the Evanston community.

While membership in the Evanston Chamber is voluntary, it reflects a commitment to advance not only the success of the individual company/organization, but also the business community as a whole. Member businesses acknowledge and embrace Evanston’s rich tradition of social conscience and of accepting responsibility for working collaboratively to improve and grow opportunities for its residents and community.

Under a progressive membership investment structure, annual dues are assessed according to the size of the company/organization. Although the Chamber works closely with many governmental bodies, it receives no regular public funding.

Evanston Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

Our missionto foster a competitive business climate and promote economic development by providing access to a broad range of resources such as leadership, advocacy, networking, partnerships, and educational opportunities for the Evanston business community.

Our visiona prosperous, equitable, and welcoming environment in which all Evanston businesses, employees, residents, and visitors thrive.

Our values: support for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds through anti-racism advocacy & training, diversity, inclusion, and respect for all people & cultures.

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