About the Evanston Chamber

The Evanston Chamber of Commerce is proud to be the voice of the Evanston business community. The only nonprofit business organization in the region solely supported by private industry, the Chamber provides programs, services and leadership opportunities to help its member-businesses thrive. Through the important work of volunteers, the Chamber fosters a competitive business climate conducive to growth, prosperity and maintaining a high quality of life. Members represent the major sectors of the Evanston economy:

Members represent the major sectors of the Evanston economy:

  • Business and professional services
  • Restaurants, food and beverage
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Technology and telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Arts, culture and entertainment
  • Hotel and travel
  • Family, community and civic
  • Manufacturing

While membership in the Evanston Chamber is voluntary, it reflects a commitment to advance not only the success of the individual company/organization, but also the business community as a whole. The Evanston Chamber is a community of business people. People who support each other and strive to help each other succeed.

Membership also reflects a commitment to help enhance the economic vitality of the community. Member businesses acknowledge and embrace Evanston’s rich tradition of social conscience and of accepting responsibility for working collaboratively to improve and grow opportunities for its residents and community.

Under a progressive membership investment structure, annual dues are assessed according to the size of the company/organization. Although the Chamber works closely with many governmental bodies, it receives no regular public funding.

The Chamber’s policies and positions are set by its volunteer Board of Directors. The Board meets on a monthly basis to ensure that Chamber activities, communications and initiatives produce a high ROI for Chamber members.

Evanston Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Evanston Chamber of Commerce to create an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming environment for all businesses to thrive in Evanston.

We value diversity, respect for all cultures, and inclusion of all voices. We encourage ongoing anti-racist conversations and practices.

The Evanston Chamber of Commerce takes our leadership and advocacy role in the business community seriously, and does not tolerate systemic oppression or racism in any form.

We continuously search for and provide access to a broad range of economic development resources such as training, education, mentoring, and networking to promote the success of local businesses of all sizes.

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